Cool Jeep Stuff: Clever Ideas & Fun Jeep Gifts For Jeep Lovers

Whether you’re buying Jeep stuff for yourself or someone else for Christmas, a Birthday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or any day in between… you’re sure to find some unique and fun gifts for Jeep owners here. We actually own most of these Jeep gifts ourselves. A list of our favorite Jeep lover gift ideas!

Have You Played The Jeep Thrills Wii Game Yet?

I haven’t tried the Jeep Thrills Wii yet myself, but we’re thinking of getting a Wii and the Jeeper in me makes me want to try it. It’s just for fun anyway, right? Plus, my nephew would love it when he comes to visit!

Jeep Jamborees: Official Jeep Events Make Road Trips Fun Again

Every year, from March through October, Jeep hosts their official Jeep Jamboree events at some of the most beautiful trailheads all across the U.S. Yes, you can bring kids, and pets, and of course friends. Jeep Jamborees feature some of the best Jeep offroading in the US!

Kids Love Jeeps …Here’s Proof!

In case you’re thinking of buying a Jeep… or taking your little one for a ride in a Jeep someday soon… I found some interesting things about kids and Jeeps that you might enjoy.