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There is ONE major difference between Chilton vs Haynes auto repair manuals. See what it is and which one most DIYers prefer. (Lots of examples!)

Jeep stuff for yourself or someone else (Christmas, Birthday, Mothers Day, Fathers Day). Lots of unique & fun Jeep gifts for Jeep owners ...that we actually own!

We're a Jeep family with 1 baby and 2 dogs! Jeep dog stuff?... Check! Jeep baby stuff?... Check! See my list of offroad Jeep must-haves for Jeep kids & dogs.

These Jeep gift ideas are on my wish list this year. But I truly believe they’d make any Jeep owner in your life happy. They'd make excellent gifts no matter what your Jeeping passion.

See the difference after installing Xenon headlights in a Jeep Wrangler! Before and after photos + 7 reasons Xenon headlights are better than Halogen lights


We tried a new product to clean our Jeep windows: Clear View Plastic & Glass Cleaner, then Clear View Plastic Polish & Protectant. It's AMAZING! See why we love it.

Here are a bunch of random tips that provide a number of options when it comes to caring for and cleaning your Jeep's soft top, windows, and zippers.

Looking for a unique gift for the Jeep owner in your life? Here are the "best of the best" Jeep gifts available this year... All price ranges are included.

These Jeep holiday cards feature Jeeps in 6 different settings and you get a couple cards of each design in this boxed set. Fun, fun, fun... Your Christmas cards will be different from everyone else's!