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How do you clean vinyl Jeep windows? See which products are SAFE for washing Jeep soft top windows. (Others will cause Jeep windows to fog, yellow, crack.)

5 Jeep Wrangler rear window dilemmas that every Jeep owner faces + 5 clever Jeep Wrangler soft top rear window hacks you probably haven't tried yet!

Got a cracked Jeep windshield? Small rocks & tree branches can easily take out your Jeep's windshield (or a window). A Jeep owner's tips for repairing vs. replacing a cracked windshield.

Here's how to apply Jeep window tint yourself - and not mess it up! If I can do DIY window tinting, you can too. Plus window tint laws by state to check first.

See why these are my top 3 picks for summertime Jeep add ons: #1 Summer Jeep top, #2 Windjammer or windscreen, #3 Jeep window tinting.


We tried a new product to clean our Jeep windows: Clear View Plastic & Glass Cleaner, then Clear View Plastic Polish & Protectant. It's AMAZING! See why we love it.

Here are a bunch of random tips that provide a number of options when it comes to caring for and cleaning your Jeep's soft top, windows, and zippers.

The biggest reason Jim and I would use these soft top vents is to help 'de-pressurize the cabin' so to speak. You know, when you're riding around and the Jeep soft top windows start to bulge until you crack a window? There are a lot of other reasons why Jeep window vents are good. Here's why.

When the soft top is down on our Jeep, we use the Clover Patch Jeep Window Cover to protect and store the Jeep's windows. We like this one best because the Clover Patch is an all-in-one system -- so everything stays in the Jeep! Yet it's completely out of the way and you don't even notice it's there.