Jeep vs Hummer: Is There A Rivalry Or Not?

I have to think that there’s an unspoken rivalry between Jeeps and Hummers and the people who own them. It’s all in good fun, of course. Or not… So, does anyone REALLY care that the Hummer might be on its way out?

We Sold Our (Other) Jeep!

If anyone needs some tips for selling a used vehicle in the Nashville, Tennessee area, I guess you could just ask us. We ROCK at selling cars! …or more specifically: Jeeps.

Our Trusty ‘Ol Jeep Grand Cherokee

It’s no secret that Jim & I love Jeep Wranglers. But Wranglers certainly aren’t the only Jeeps worth driving, in our opinion. For most of our married life together, we have owned at least one Jeep. Usually a Wrangler… but there for awhile, the Jeep Grand Cherokee was our vehicle of choice.