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Summer Jeep Tips

Here are some excellent hair products for Jeep & convertible owners that will help to maintain your hairdo when your Jeep top is off.

by zombieite on Flickr

When you've got a Jeep, motorcycle, or convertible... you have messy hair a lot. These wind-proof hair products help you look wind-BLOWN not wiped OUT!

There are only 2 items on my summer Jeep maintenance checklist - both vitally important to your rig’s wellbeing. For years of Jeeping fun, do this now!

Wondering where to take your Jeep this summer? Here are my favorite June Jeep events & destinations for this time of year -- one in each region of the U.S.

See why these are my top 3 picks for summertime Jeep add ons: #1 Summer Jeep top, #2 Windjammer or windscreen, #3 Jeep window tinting.

Are you enjoying the "Dog Days of Summer"? Chances are, you and your dog are probably going on a lot of Jeep rides these days. Right? know we are. Our dog loves Jeep rides! Check out this photo contest hosted by All Things Jeep!...There are prizes!

If you've got a Jeep Wrangler and you need a new soft top for your Jeep, there are actually a number of replacement soft tops to choose from. Here is what's available in terms of replacement soft tops for Jeep Wranglers.

Annual Jeep Go Topless Day offers prizes and a chance at 15 minutes of fame. See photos of all the Jeep owners that participated by going topless here...

Here's a video we made that shows how to remove the soft top from a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited by yourself.