Have You Played The Jeep Thrills Wii Game Yet?

by Jim Walczak

Jeep Games, Kids, z1

jeep-thrills-wii.jpg I’ve heard mixed reviews, from “the Jeep’s handling is not all that responsive, but it’s still fun” to “it’s best for younger kids.”

I haven’t tried the Jeep Thrills Wii yet myself, but we’re thinking of getting a Wii and the Jeeper in me makes me want to try it.

It’s just for fun anyway, right? Plus, my nephew would love it when he comes to visit. We converted him into a Jeeper at a young age. Now he always asks when he can ride in the back of Uncle Jim’s Jeep and asks his dad when they’re going to get a Jeep. (hee hee… it worked!)

Anyways… would love to hear from fellow Jeepers if this is a decent pick for the Wii or not. Thanks in advance.