How To Do A Roadmaster Base Plate Installation On A Jeep Wrangler

+-*The Roadmaster base plate is designed to adapt to a number of different tow bars. In my case, I already owned a Stowmaster tow bar so this seemed the most logical route for me to get my Jeep Wrangler ready to flat tow behind my motorhome. The cost of the base plate was a hard […]

Soft Tops & Hard Tops


5 DIY Jeep Wrangler Rear Window Tips Every Jeeper Should Know

-+*It wasn’t until we had our Jeep for several years that I realized not everyone rolls up their Jeep rear window the same way that we do. First, it’s helpful to know that: Ours is a 2004 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. The Jeep is my daily driver, a.k.a. dogmobile. Here are some interesting things I’ve learned about the Jeep […]

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Offroading & Other Destinations


Tellico 4×4 Offroad Photos: The Day Our Jeep Met The Bad Boy Of The East

-+*The Tellico ORV Park in Murphy, NC is permanently closed. However, I was recently looking through our pictures from a day we spent there a few years ago…  and I realized that I’d never posted them here. So I thought I’d take a few minutes and share what it was like offroading at Tellico.   […]


Going Offroad? A Jeep Guy’s Tips For Your First Time Driving Off Road

-+*If you’re thinking of taking your Jeep — or any other vehicle — offroad for the first time, I know how you’re feeling. I’ve been there. No matter how good a driver you are, offroad driving is different from driving on paved roads. So it only makes sense to take a few minutes preparing yourself […]

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Accessories & Gifts


Jeep Wrangler Headlight Replacement: Xenon Headlights Review

-+*We have HID lights in our Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Love ‘em! There’s nothing like a super-bright set of headlights. But we still have the factory-installed stock headlights (with halogen bulbs) in our 2004 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. This means we’re basically guided by a small area of yellow light that shines directly in front of the vehicle. We’ve complained to […]


Must-Have Jeep Parts Before Taking Your Jeep Off-Road

-+*Goodbye suburbia, you’re about to grab some of that fresh air and fantastic scenery of the wide open country. You’re also about to test drive your Jeep to see how well it does away from the smooth pavement of the asphalt jungle. Oh man, no more congested traffic, no more idling at stop lights, no […]

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Fun Jeep Stuff

What Fun Jeep Things Are On Your Bucket List?…

-+*Buy a Jeep Wrangler was on my bucket list ever since I could drive. Now that we’ve owned 3, it’s time to add fun places and things to do in a Jeep to that bucket list. Here’s what’s on my Jeep bucket list. What’s on yours?

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Before You Buy A Jeep


Our Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland Review – It’s Our 4th Fun Jeep!

-+*We currently drive a 2004 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited (the original, 2-door model) — and we LOVE it. A few weeks ago, the time had come to trade-in our second vehicle: a 2003 Mercury Sable. We knew we wanted an SUV. We ended up buying a 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland, and just like our Wrangler Unlimited […]

Will Jeep Survive?

-+*The New Chrysler Corporation proudly proclaims their intent to continue with the Jeep line. Time will tell, as this newly restructured company comes on line. Hopefully, the proud Jeep will continue on, much to the delight of loyal Jeep owners and enthusiasts everywhere.

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