How To Remove Jeep Doors AND Keep The Dome Light Turned Off

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Shari B. asked about taking Jeep doors off an ’04 Wrangler:

“How do I get the doors off my Wrangler without tearing them up?”

Jeep Wrangler with the doors off. See our tips to keep the dome light off (where the red arrow is).

Here’s how…

(It’s pretty simple, really.)


How To Remove Jeep Doors

These instructions show how we remove the doors from our 2004 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited:

#1. Fold the mirror in (on the outside of the door).

#2. Remove the black strap that keeps the door from swinging out too far when you open it.

#3. Unscrew the nuts on the bottom of the 2 bolts that hold the door on.

Jim pointing to the nut found at the bottom of each door hinge on the Jeep Wrangler.   Pointing to the 2 door hinges on the Jeep Wrangler door.

To do that, we use a 13mm socket (or crescent wrench). Just be careful, so you don’t scratch the paint off the nuts too much.

Pointing to the 2 door hinges on the Jeep Wrangler door.  The socket wrench and 2 nuts we removed from one Jeep door.


#4. Carefully lift the door straight up (while holding on tightly to the door). The bolts are actually attached to the top part of the door hinge, so they won’t “fall out” or anything.

Lifting the Jeep door up and out of the hinges. Holding the Jeep door we just removed from its hinges.


How To Turn Off The Jeep Dome Light

After the Jeep door removal process, you’re going to need one of these Lights Out Door Clips to shut the interior dome light off inside the Jeep:

Lights off spring-loaded Jeep door clips

Otherwise the dome light will stay on in your Jeep whenever the doors are off.

You could also pull out that particular fuse — as long as you’ll remember to put it back in when you put the Jeep doors back on.

Here are some other good ways to keep the dome light off:


How To Put Jeep Doors Back On

Jim trying to singlehandedly put the Jeep door back on. It's tricky to line up the 2 bolts with the 2 hinges yourself. The process of removing Jeep doors is pretty much a one-person job that only takes a matter of minutes.

However, to put the Jeep doors back on, you might want an extra set of hands to help you line those bolts back up with the hinges.

You simply line up the bottom of the bolts that are still in the door hinges with the tops of the door hinges themselves.

This can be a little bit tricky because you have to line it up just right so the bolts in the top and bottom door hinges line up perfectly at the same time.

It’s not that hard to do, just takes a little patience.


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10 thoughts on “How To Remove Jeep Doors AND Keep The Dome Light Turned Off

  1. Good morning,

    My son has a Jeep Wrangler and likes to drive it with the doors removed however, this also removes the outside rearview mirrors.

    Is there some way or are there special mirrors that can be purchased so that his Jeep has proper rear vision when the doors are removed?

    Thank you,

    Doug Cowles

    1. i have a 04 unlimited as well and love to drive with the doors off. you can make one yourself (which i did). i purchased a mirror arm off amazon and went to pepboys and got a cheap 5×7 mirror (made it for about 20 bucks). i attach it to the bottom bolt at the windshield hinge on the drivers side. if you don’t want to make one by yourself you can buy mirror relocators from almost any 4×4 store online (these are pretty expensive though) . another option is a long arm motorcycle mirror. a lot of jeepers i know use this inside of the relocators


  3. 4 by 4 piece of wood short piece against door bottom and a piece standing like the letter T AGAINST THE JACK FROM THE JEEP.  SLOWLY JACK UP AGAINST THE DOOR THE STUBBORN DOOR WILL COME OFF HAVE SOMEONE HOLD THE DOOR AS JACKING..

  4. Put a 3/8 inch length of 5/16 fuel hose over the switch and push.
    The switch will stay bottomed out.
    I throw the hose in the glove box when I don t need it.

  5. Use a rag and stuff it in behind the hinge pin for paint protection. WD40 the pins. Use a small heavy sledge type hammer on the upper pins. Once the pins are flush get two people to lift on the hinge side of the door. Swing the door back and forth while lifting, each time the door swings forward it will raise slightly.

  6. There is a known issue with the door hinges as these tend to oxidize over time which in turn created a bound up door hinge pin that inadvertently can not be removed. Lubricating these hinge pins is a good idea, but with the constant lifting or removing and remounting of the doors, the plastic casing or shield within the door hinge can become distorted. In this case one may need new centering shields or even new hinges.
    As with the newer (2007 -2017) wranglers, the dome light is not an issue anymore. As the electrical clip (once removed) senses that the connection has been disconnected and the dome light automatically turns off. One bit of importance when removing the electrical connection. There is a red safety clip which retains the two connectors. if this is lost upon removal or reinstalling, one could have an intermittent or flickering light once connected or if one has the heated/power mirrors, these may not function correctly. So unless you actually need to reconnect the electrical connectors located at the door. I would zip tie these back under the dash area and out of the way.

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