Jeep Templates For Carving Halloween Pumpkins

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For the Jeep fans…

Here are a few Jeep templates for carving Jeep Halloween pumpkins this year.

After searching high and low for a Jeep pumpkin carving template — with no luck — we decided to make these Jeep templates ourselves.

We haven’t actually carved out a pumpkin with them yet… that will come in a couple weeks, and we’ll post the finished product here.

UPDATE: See our Jeep pumpkins here!

Our Other Pumpkin Carving Tips:

Our Jeep Templates For Halloween Pumpkins

Feel free to use these Jeep pumpkin templates this Halloween to make your very own Jeep-o-Lanterns


Jeep Wrangler Pumpkin Carving Template

Jeep template for carving a Jeep Wrangler pumpkin template this Halloween.


Jeep Grille Pumpkin Carving Template

A Jeep grille template for carving a pumpkin with a Jeep Wrangler grille.