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I haven't tried the Jeep Thrills Wii yet myself, but we're thinking of getting a Wii and the Jeeper in me makes me want to try it. It's just for fun anyway, right? Plus, my nephew would love it when he comes to visit!

These Jeep holiday cards feature Jeeps in 6 different settings and you get a couple cards of each design in this boxed set. Fun, fun, fun... Your Christmas cards will be different from everyone else's!

Last year, Jeep had a fun contest where they hid Jeep Travel Bugs all across the U.S. and with the aid of a GPS, you could participate in their geocaching game to win fun prizes. This year, there's no such game -- yet -- but they do have an online version of Jeep geocaching that they're letting people download and play for free. Check it out!

Are you enjoying the "Dog Days of Summer"? Chances are, you and your dog are probably going on a lot of Jeep rides these days. Right? know we are. Our dog loves Jeep rides! Check out this photo contest hosted by All Things Jeep!...There are prizes!

I have to think that there's an unspoken rivalry between Jeeps and Hummers and the people who own them. It's all in good fun, of course. Or not... So, does anyone REALLY care that the Hummer might be on its way out?

I'm a Jeep tour guide in Sedona, and many people think that this would be a dream job. If you are one of those, read this first! Here's everything you want to know about Jeep tour guides, including how to get hired and what to expect your first days on the job.

Annual Jeep Go Topless Day offers prizes and a chance at 15 minutes of fame. See photos of all the Jeep owners that participated by going topless here...

Jeep's newest marketing strategy incorporates the tagline 'Have fun out there.' What a concept! We've all known for years that Jeeps are fun vehicles to ride in and drive. Now... they're promoting just HOW much fun you can have in a Jeep.

Tenor is part black lab, part great pyrenees and part Jeep dog. This is the story of how one dog earned his Jeep legs, and became accustomed to long car rides in preparation for being the world's best RV road dawg.