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I'm a Jeeper from Portland, Oregon. In addition to jeeps, I enjoy sustainability and environmental issues, water quality, art history, and arts education. When I'm not exploring in my vintage CJ-7, I can be found trail running with my 7-year-old Golden Retriever or enjoying downtime with my 2 daughters.

I’ll never forget the first time I experienced the dreaded death wobble in my Jeep. It was terrifying! Fortunately, I was able to fix my Jeep death wobble - here's how I did it.

Where do you turn when you have a Jeep question? I turn to a Jeep forum. See why these are my favorite Jeep forums - I've listed the pros and cons of each.

Here's what to do before driving on the beach AND what not to do! Plus a list of beaches you can drive on, sand driving tips, and tire pressure advice.

Here's how to apply Jeep window tint yourself - and not mess it up! If I can do DIY window tinting, you can too. Plus window tint laws by state to check first.

These Jeep gift ideas are on my wish list this year. But I truly believe they’d make any Jeep owner in your life happy. They'd make excellent gifts no matter what your Jeeping passion.

Have you been camping in your Jeep yet? Here are all my best camping Jeep tips that I've learned after years of Jeep camping - or Jamping as I like to call it.

There are only 2 items on my summer Jeep maintenance checklist - both vitally important to your rig’s wellbeing. For years of Jeeping fun, do this now!

Wondering where to take your Jeep this summer? Here are my favorite June Jeep events & destinations for this time of year -- one in each region of the U.S.

See why these are my top 3 picks for summertime Jeep add ons: #1 Summer Jeep top, #2 Windjammer or windscreen, #3 Jeep window tinting.