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When to NOT Go Topless

Well… There comes a point in time when one just has to admit that summer is over and fall is on its way.

Lynnette just can’t bring herself to do it.

It’s a well known fact that public pools close after Labor Day. I thought that would be a clue for Lynnette and me to put the hardtop back on our Jeep.

But… Lynnette refuses! She’s chasing that last ray of summer.

So now we look like a couple of Eskimos bundled up for our early evening rides.

I promised Lynnette that one last camping trip in the Jeep before it got to cold. It’s not too cold to camp yet — just getting a bit chilly to ride around topless in the Jeep.

We actually go camping quite a bit.

Here are some of our best camping tips for newbies.

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