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Red Jeep Plays A Big Role In Tim McGraw And Faith Hill’s Life, Both Personally And Professionally

Who knew that a little ‘ol red Jeep would play such a big role in Tim and Faith’s life?

In case you didn’t know, the red Jeep (a 1978 CJ-6) that Tim and Faith borrowed and drove a few times when they were dating was later found by Faith and then given to him as a gift — years after they were married.

Today, that very same Jeep plays a role in both their personal lives and their professional lives as well.



Jeep Was Front & Center On Their Tour

Let’s start with how Jeep has played a role in their professional life.

It’s no secret that Jeep was the sponsor for their 2007 Soul2Soul tour.

Tim and Faith even announced their tour plans while standing next to that red Jeep CJ outside of the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville.

Their “date Jeep” actually traveled with them on their 2007 Soul2Soul tour.

A special “Soul2Soul” 2007 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon was also incorporated into tour itself and later auctioned off on eBay.


And on a related note, Tim McGraw performed live at Camp Jeep that year.

One of country music’s most celebrated love stories began with a date in a Jeep. So when reigning first couple Tim McGraw and Faith Hill were looking for a sponsor for their Soul2Soul Tour 2007, the Jeep brand was an obvious choice. Source


The Story Behind Tim & Faith’s Jeep

Wondering how the Jeep pictured above has played a role in their personal life?

Well, there’s a fun story behind Tim and Faith’s Jeep:

Faith Hill: “In 1996 in State College, Pennsylvania, we were doing a show together we took a ride in a borrowed Jeep and that’s where we decided that we were going to be together and build a life together.”

Tim McGraw: “Faith and I were touring our very first tour in ’96 and we just started dating and we were in Pennsylvania and one of the local crew guys let us borrow his Jeep. We went out for a ride and it’s when we kind of pulled the Jeep over on the road and had the ultimatum conversation – whether this was gonna be a relationship or not. Then, a couple of years ago, I think it was my birthday, Faith had a present for me and that was in the garage – it’s the exact same Jeep. She went and tracked it down.”

These days, Tim and Faith actually have a couple of Jeeps, but they mostly enjoy riding around their Nashville farm in that 1978 red Jeep CJ.

Tim uses it to get around the farm, especially when he’s hunting quail and pheasant.

And every year on their wedding anniversary (October 6, 1996), Tim and Faith have made it a tradition to ride around the farm in their ’78 Jeep.

Yep… It’s a Jeep thing!


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