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Restoring Jeeps

Where do you turn when you have a Jeep question? I turn to a Jeep forum. See why these are my favorite Jeep forums - I've listed the pros and cons of each.

There is ONE major difference between Chilton vs Haynes auto repair manuals. See what it is and which one most DIYers prefer. (Lots of examples!)

Here's what I've learned about replacing Jeep body panels yourself - even though the battle scars you incur from taking your Jeep offroad can be a source of pride.

Before you start a DIY Jeep project at home, be sure to do these 6 things first. Trust me, I've learned firsthand what a difference these simple Jeep safety tips have on the outcome!

Ready to tackle a DIY Jeep project?... If you ever have the opportunity to get your hands on an old Jeep, the availability of Jeep parts is nothing short of amazing. The demand for parts has generated an aftermarket supply chain that will keep even the oldest Jeeps running indefinitely. Here are some ideas for rebuilding or restoring an old Jeep...