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Videos of Jeep Commercials: Top 10 Jeep Ads Of All Time

jeep-adWe love Jeeps. And we enjoy good ads.

Combine the two, and what have you got?

The best Jeep commercials… ever!

Here are our favorites — the best of the best online videos that feature Jeep ads and commercials. Most have been featured on television.

A couple are Jeep commercials that never actually made it to the big screen.


Jeep Liberty’s are pretty cool too… especially the ones with heated seats!

Jeep Liberty Renegade gives you the ability to enjoy nature …and protect it.

Jeep Wrangler Rubicon… the next level (video gamers will love this one).

A classic Jeep Wrangler commercial that describes how new Jeep owners feel every day…

Now this is my kind of Jeep… for all who love the water!

A fun Jeep Compass ad featuring Bobblehead dolls… bounce!

Singing animals always make good commercials even better… like this Jeep commercial:

Here’s a great collection of Jeep commercials set to some fun tunes:

With a Jeep Wrangler, winter doesn’t stand a chance!

And of course Jim’s personal favorite: “Jeeps are bouncy”…

UPDATE: A “new” Jeep commercial with my favorite line: “4×4 the wave… that’s how we say cheers!”

…because if you have a Jeep, then you’re doing the Jeep wave – right?

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