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I’ve been involved in RVing for 50 years now -- including camping, building, repairing, and even selling RVs. I’ve owned, used, and repaired almost every class and style of RV ever made. I do all of my own repair work. My other interests include cooking, living with an aging dog, and dealing with diabetic issues. If you can combine a grease monkey with a computer geek, throw in a touch of information nut and organization freak, combined with a little bit of storyteller, you've got a good idea of who I am.

Here's a strange but true story of how easy it is for a Jeep to end up in the ocean -- when you're riding along the beach!

Towing a car behind an RV? You need tow lights! The best option: install magnetic tow lights to a cargo carrier that fits in the hitch of your tow vehicle!

This DIY Roadmaster base plate installation took far more than the 2 hours mentioned in the instructions. But all you need is a heavy-duty drill & torx set!

Chrysler has said the Jeep line will continue. Time will tell. Hopefully, the Jeep will continue on, to the delight of loyal Jeep owners & Jeep enthusiasts.

I got a good deal on a Jeep CJ5 because the exhaust was leaking badly and oil was pooling under the engine. I looked it over and took a chance that I could handle the repairs. After writing the check for $3,500 I took her home.

Ready to tackle a DIY Jeep project?... If you ever have the opportunity to get your hands on an old Jeep, the availability of Jeep parts is nothing short of amazing. The demand for parts has generated an aftermarket supply chain that will keep even the oldest Jeeps running indefinitely. Here are some ideas for rebuilding or restoring an old Jeep...